A nation named ‘Camgirlia’ where every adult female would be required to do Sex Cam Modelling

I have been wanting to teach sharpshooting classes to the men who have been trying to conceive for a while and I am going to use mini sex doll to teach the same, if it ever happens. I am telling you, if there were medals given for this art anywhere in the world, I would have been a gold medalist times over.

My current fuckmate gets a migraine if she doesn’t get to blow a cock for at least 30 minutes a day. She is a very successful career lady, who attributes all her success to drinking semen everyday. She has a thing for tall men with a great smile and she fucks around with them all the time, I have no issues with the same.

I have an idea to create a nation which will be called Camgirlia. Everyone in the nation, including the President, the Prime Minister and the Military General, will have to be one of the free sex chat model and there will be regular Live Sex Shows where all the VIPs of the nation will be shown fucking together. The nation will focus a lot on increasing the population, because more population = more cam models. Remember, the nation will require both males and females to become cam models although the name would be ‘Camgirlia’.

I have had several rendezvous with several different homeless women and I still wonder why they are homeless. They are amazing fucks, even the ones aged over 60. They are such great fucks, that I would award them a home for each sexual session, if I were a billionaire.

More Jewish female pornstars than ever before on Free Brazzers

Dr Jake Andrews from Los Alamos County, New Mexico, is a Psychologist who once wrote on his official blog that never before so many men suffered with depression due to their penis size.

Apart from writing a psychology blog, Dr Jake Andrews, also writes a sex blog and a conspiracy theory blog.

Dr Jake Andrews claims on his conspiracy theory blog that the name Pentagon is inspired mostly by the Armageddon. He believes that the World War 3 aka Armageddon will be initiated by the United States of America and that’s the reason why he has been looking for a citizenship to one of the countries that he believes will not participate in the upcoming World War 3.

Dr Jake Andrews writes on his sex blog that it is a false notion that biologically everything and every creature is about the reproduction. He refutes this belief by saying that every biological creature is rather about and is driven by the pleasure, not reproduction.

Dr Jake Andrews writes that he loves the Peruvian women and if he were the President of the USA, he would offer free nationality for the USA to all the Peruvian females but not the males.

Dr Jake Andrews believes that the Jewish mainstream actors are highly overrated while the Jewish pornstars are underrated. He gives of some of the Jewish pornstars that are underrated – Traci Lords, Savannah Jane, Nicole Moore. You can watch the porn movies of many other underrated Jewish pornstars on brazzers free.

Dr Jake Andrews believes that the Porn Awards will be more popular than the Academy Awards by the financial year 2028 and he believes that the Jews will top the charts for the Porn Awards like they did in case of the Academy Awards.

Australian Oral Surgeon Prefers Performing Oral Sex Only When His Woman Is Wearing A Lingerie

Dr Gerald Thurnwald is an Oral Surgeon from Australia, who never gets tired of repeating that he is an expert at the Vajroli Mudra – An Ancient Hindu Practice to increase sexual libido and male genital strength.

Dr Gerald always brags that he can lift off a bucket full of water with his dick alone.

Dr Gerald believes that sex with hookers brings bad karma. He washes his entire body with the face scrub at least twice after making out with a hooker. He also prefers to make out with them when they are clothed or wearing a lingerie, like you would see in one of the best lingerie porn videos belonging to the American or British mainstream porn industry.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald’s wife is also a freak, who applies semen packs on her essential (private) areas every week.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald claims that the cultures where patricide was too common mostly worshiped female gods and they also used to have sex with living unmarried goddesses like they still do in Nepal.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald once traveled to Nepal as a sex tourist. He claims to have fucked the virgin who was playing the role of the Durga after her pooja ‘worship’ was over.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald claims that the Alpha Males have a much better psychology compared to their non-alpha counterparts and he himself claims to be the proof of the same.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald claims that his father is a very good friend of Bruce Buffer. Michael Buffer and Mike Tyson used to have threesomes with the same whores all the time, especially when they were young and Michael was single.

Both my Tia and Mom love it more when I sniff their pussies than when I eat it

For the past 8-9 years, I have been believing that the number of women that a man has sex with, determines the number of slaves or employees that he is going to have in the next life and the same goes for the females, the number of men that a woman has sex with determines the number of slaves or employees that she is going to have in the next life. I believe that those who don’t ever make love to more than one man or a woman either become wage slaves (employees) in their next birth or they become small businessmen or women with no employee.

This belief of mine hasn’t stopped me from fucking my aunt or mom, over and over again. I make love to them all the time. They both ride my dick like there’s no tomorrow and I enjoy a threesome session with them more than anything else. My aunt’s face even looks a lot like the infamous Mexican MILF Pornstar – Nicky Ferrari and she has the body of the infamous young American pornstar – Jessica Robbin. My mom is not that attractive though, she looks like the pornstar Arianna LaBarbara at the best, but her sucking and fucking skills make her superior to the legendary Jewish blonde pornstar – Nina Hartley.

Both my tia or mom, seem to have no problem with me fucking random Russian escorts in Mumbai, London, Moscow or any other city. In fact, they help me choose the best of those, quite often.

Both my aunt and tia act publicly like they aren’t interested in sex anymore and they walk and talk in a way that is very prudish, but they are the horniest daughters of bitches in the private, which has made me come to the conclusion that every woman is a whore in private, no matter how she acts in the public.

Both my mom and aunt love to wear floral shirts and shorts and surprisingly enough, they also love to wear floral panties all the times. I don’t care much about what panties they wear, all that I do care about is removing those panties and sniff the gold inside.

Sex with Escorts is not a sin but a virtue, tell this to your wife and don’t forget to quote my lab supplier friend to her

Escortal is back and it is better than ever. I am going to write better quality and better helping information and stories here than I used to before.

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My friend claims that the French-speaking Quebec chicks can’t hold a candle to the French-speaking chicks from the France itself. He gives the example of his favorite pornstar – Anissa Kate, whom he has enjoyed as his personal escort twice as well.

This friend of mine also has a weird belief that the more baby a woman pops out, the sexier she gets.

He claims that a prehistorica tribe with the name of Groobanilla used to exist millions of years ago in the middle of what is today called the African continent. This tribe could communicate with the gods. He claims that the men of this tribe used to be 15 foot tall on an average and the women used to be 14 foot tall. He says that the men of this tribe used to have 30 inches long dicks on an average but they wouldn’t use it much and that’s the reason why the god of all gods – Jehovah cursed the tribe and turned them into what the modern day homo sapiens sapiens are. He hopes that the science will discover about Groobanilla soon enough, expectedly by 2035 and the truth will be disclosed that sex is not a sin, but rather a virtue.