Rub Your Genitals Against Beautiful Danish Escorts’ Buns Not Pillows or Mattresses

Kevin Centeno from Køge, Denmark, is a wedding planner, who is yet to plan his own wedding but he prides himself on being a one night groom several times on the escort side.

Kevin is also a sex blogger who claims on his blog that different temperatures only affect the libido of the men and they do not have any sort of affect on the libido of the women.

Kevin claims on his blog that one of his aunts dated George Bush Jr back in 1976. He claims that his late aunt told him that George Bush Jr would get limp after getting naked but he would stay hard all the time when clothed and that’s the reason why he had this problem of rubbing his genitals on the bed while staying clothed all his teen and early 20s years.

Kevin wonders how much would George Bush Jr would rub his genitals fully clothed that way if he had Brazzers free like we do now.

Kevin claims the founder of Corn Flakes – John Harvey Kellogg was not anti-masturbation or anti-recreational-sex. He rather suffered with a lifelong erectile dysfunction and to hide it, John, with his amazing drive and willpower, created this entire cult of anti-masturbation and anti-recreational-sex.

Kevin predicts that there would be real-life sex competitions all across the globe by 2060. He claims that the first of such international sex competitions will take place in Bosnia and will happen among the GILFs – all 55+, post menopausal women.

Kevin claims that most women fake moans and orgasms most of the times because they don’t enjoy sex mostly. He believes that such women should try lesbian sex a couple of times in order to identify their true sexual orientation; If such women are married, their husband ought to help and encourage in this endeavor.

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