More Jewish female pornstars than ever before on Free Brazzers

Dr Jake Andrews from Los Alamos County, New Mexico, is a Psychologist who once wrote on his official blog that never before so many men suffered with depression due to their penis size.

Apart from writing a psychology blog, Dr Jake Andrews, also writes a sex blog and a conspiracy theory blog.

Dr Jake Andrews claims on his conspiracy theory blog that the name Pentagon is inspired mostly by the Armageddon. He believes that the World War 3 aka Armageddon will be initiated by the United States of America and that’s the reason why he has been looking for a citizenship to one of the countries that he believes will not participate in the upcoming World War 3.

Dr Jake Andrews writes on his sex blog that it is a false notion that biologically everything and every creature is about the reproduction. He refutes this belief by saying that every biological creature is rather about and is driven by the pleasure, not reproduction.

Dr Jake Andrews writes that he loves the Peruvian women and if he were the President of the USA, he would offer free nationality for the USA to all the Peruvian females but not the males.

Dr Jake Andrews believes that the Jewish mainstream actors are highly overrated while the Jewish pornstars are underrated. He gives of some of the Jewish pornstars that are underrated – Traci Lords, Savannah Jane, Nicole Moore. You can watch the porn movies of many other underrated Jewish pornstars on brazzers free.

Dr Jake Andrews believes that the Porn Awards will be more popular than the Academy Awards by the financial year 2028 and he believes that the Jews will top the charts for the Porn Awards like they did in case of the Academy Awards.

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