Australian Oral Surgeon Prefers Performing Oral Sex Only When His Woman Is Wearing A Lingerie

Dr Gerald Thurnwald is an Oral Surgeon from Australia, who never gets tired of repeating that he is an expert at the Vajroli Mudra – An Ancient Hindu Practice to increase sexual libido and male genital strength.

Dr Gerald always brags that he can lift off a bucket full of water with his dick alone.

Dr Gerald believes that sex with hookers brings bad karma. He washes his entire body with the face scrub at least twice after making out with a hooker. He also prefers to make out with them when they are clothed or wearing a lingerie, like you would see in one of the best lingerie porn videos belonging to the American or British mainstream porn industry.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald’s wife is also a freak, who applies semen packs on her essential (private) areas every week.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald claims that the cultures where patricide was too common mostly worshiped female gods and they also used to have sex with living unmarried goddesses like they still do in Nepal.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald once traveled to Nepal as a sex tourist. He claims to have fucked the virgin who was playing the role of the Durga after her pooja ‘worship’ was over.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald claims that the Alpha Males have a much better psychology compared to their non-alpha counterparts and he himself claims to be the proof of the same.

Dr Gerald Thurnwald claims that his father is a very good friend of Bruce Buffer. Michael Buffer and Mike Tyson used to have threesomes with the same whores all the time, especially when they were young and Michael was single.

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