Sex with Escorts is not a sin but a virtue, tell this to your wife and don’t forget to quote my lab supplier friend to her

Escortal is back and it is better than ever. I am going to write better quality and better helping information and stories here than I used to before.

So, I have been performing a lot of dumbbell exercises lately and they have really been helping me prolonging and maintaining erections. So, I recommend that you all try the same as well.

Anyways, I would like to dedicate this first post here telling the story of a friend of mine who owns a Lab Supplies business. This friend of mine is an escort freak and he is often found enjoying the services of those blonde escorts in Goa.

This friend of mine believes that the Basque-speaking Spanish chicks and the Bosnian chicks are two of the most underrated and he is glad that they are plenty at his favorite brothels in Nevada and other places that he is very frequent to.

My friend claims that the French-speaking Quebec chicks can’t hold a candle to the French-speaking chicks from the France itself. He gives the example of his favorite pornstar – Anissa Kate, whom he has enjoyed as his personal escort twice as well.

This friend of mine also has a weird belief that the more baby a woman pops out, the sexier she gets.

He claims that a prehistorica tribe with the name of Groobanilla used to exist millions of years ago in the middle of what is today called the African continent. This tribe could communicate with the gods. He claims that the men of this tribe used to be 15 foot tall on an average and the women used to be 14 foot tall. He says that the men of this tribe used to have 30 inches long dicks on an average but they wouldn’t use it much and that’s the reason why the god of all gods – Jehovah cursed the tribe and turned them into what the modern day homo sapiens sapiens are. He hopes that the science will discover about Groobanilla soon enough, expectedly by 2035 and the truth will be disclosed that sex is not a sin, but rather a virtue.

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